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appleWe all know that the search for academic employment for both graduate students and long term PhDs is frequently both economically and emotionally debilitating. In addition to being unsure where to turn for help and support, you may experience feelings of shame and depression as the result of a prolonged job search.

These workshops are designed to provide both emotional and practical support for PhDs looking to change their lives. We want to help you increase your economic opportunities, and to enter into a new, healthier, more sustainable and hopefully happier relationship with academia and the private sector.

This two day event will be held at Golden Gate University in Room: 6208

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Envisioning Academic Alternatives

This will be a workshop for graduate students and PhDs in Religious Studies, Humanities or Theology that will help them identify their skills and consider a range of possible career options that can fit holistically into wider life strategies.

The shift away from tenure-track positions has and will continue, creating new financial, social, and emotional challenges for those who entered academia hoping for professorships. This new academic job market demands a creative, entrepreneurial approach to making a living.

This workshop is designed to help academics and graduates approach academic work as only one part of a wider picture that potentially integrates a variety of income streams while still being able to pursue research goals and interests. Participants will examine their own history and relationships to academia, and become more empowered through discovering marketable skill sets they may not know they possess.

During the workshop we will discuss sustainable life strategies, considering what activities and relationships bring us real joy and can therefore be maintained in the long term. Participants will have the opportunity to reframe the issue of work/life balance in the context of an academic career, describe their abilities in terms of marketable skill sets and consider alternatives to traditional research, teaching, publishing and academic engagement.

Date & Time: Saturday, April 18, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Amy Hale

Career Transitions for Religious Professionals

This workshop will focus on career transitions and job skills for religious professionals, exploring the unique skill sets that religious professionals have and can contribute in a variety of professional environments. There may be a number of reasons why a religious professional might consider a career transition, yet they may not understand the wider applications of ministerial training to other professions.

In this workshop we will break down the specific training that religious professionals receive and help them to build career strategies that will utilize their training and skills. This workshop will also help religious professionals to consider the wider application and value that religious training can bring to a variety of professional settings.

Date & Time: Saturday, April 18, 2 - 5 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Jeffery Yergler

PhD Transitions over 40

This workshop will focus on career transitions specifically for people who are 40 or over and also are getting or already have a PhD.

Middle aged professionals, particularly those with advanced degrees, face unique challenges when changing careers. This workshop will provide an overview of the specific circumstances that over 40s with a PhD face in making career transitions, either into or outside of academia.

Participants will discuss the conditions and concerns that people at midlife face in a supportive environment. We will also do some exercises to help identify skills, discuss strategies for talking about one's varied career history confidently to prospective employers and also to others. We will work on advanced job seeking skills such as elevator pitches designed for people in career transition. We will discuss the importance of networking and continuing education and discuss ways to leverage these resources in the community. Finally we will look at some case studies of individuals who have been successful with career transitions at midlife and hear their inspiring stories and tips.

Date & Time: Sunday, April 19, 10 am -1 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Amy Hale

Who Are the Facilitators?

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Amy Hale, PhD.

Dr. Hale

Dr. Amy Hale teaches Humanities in the Undergraduate Program for GGU and is the Undergraduate Director of Instructional Technology and Teaching Excellence. She has been producing workshops on a variety of employment topics for AAR Regional and National programs for three years. She specializes in online course development in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Her workshops range from résumé building skills and rethinking academic careers in the 21st century to exploring various facets of educational technology. She is also on the Pagan Studies steering group for AAR.

Jeffery Yergler, PhD.

Dr. Yergler

Dr. Jeffery Yergler is the Chair of Management for the Undergraduate Programs at GGU. In addition to a PhD in Management, Dr. Yergler holds an M. Div and a D. Min with a focus on theology and organizational performance. He is a principal for Integer Leadership Consulting, a firm that specializes in leadership training, executive coaching, diversity training, and management consulting solutions.